Longboard Subs

Sandwich Delivery and Catering to the Lagoon Pontoon Rental Dock

We’ve partnered with Lagoon Pontoon in Panama City Beach to offer delicious lunch options for their valued customers as they enjoy their time on the water. Choose from Sandwiches, Salads, Snacks & Drinks.

Spend more time enjoying your vacation, we’ll take care of lunch.

On-Site Service: A limited supply & selection of our Subs, Chips and Drinks will be available on-site. But we encourage you Order ahead to ensure your lunch is available.

How It Works

Order & Receive Your Subs

Place your order 24 hours (Phone) 48 hours (Online) before your day at sea. Throw down the card for deposit, LB’s employee will meet you at the dock with your order before your scheduled time of departure. You will be provided a cooler with a handle and wheels. Inside it will be filled with your order sandwiches, chips, sides, drinks, ice and any extra requests.

Drop Off Cooler

We will meet you at the same dock, refund the deposit once cooler is returned, and that’s it! Unless you want to keep your cooler for more vacation use. Keep it, we just keep the $50 deposit.

Family Style

We supply everything for you to take command of the galley (kitchen). This assures Mom/Dad still keep the kids happy and manage the parental duties. You will receive it the same manner that you would in a buffet style, bulk meats, toppings, bread/wraps and cheeses. “If Mom builds it they will eat it” (Suggested by a soccer team mom who knew it would eliminate picky kids pouting and wasted food)

Includes | Call for Pricing

6 PACK of 6” sub rolls or 6” wraps, pick 2 meats (1lbs. each) and cheese (approx. 3 slices for each sub)
12 PACK of 12 – 6” sub rolls or wraps, pick 4 lbs. of meat and cheese (approx. 3 slices for each sub)

+ Meat: Ham – Turkey – Salami – Roast Beef – Bologna
+ Cheese: American- Swiss- Provolone, pick 2
+ Toppings: Will include- Lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, mustard & mayo (ask for more options)
+ Drinks: These are going to be in orders of 6 packs can be mixed and matched (Pepsi & water)
+ Chips: We can grab individual bags or family sized bags. We offer Lays or Zapps brands

*Extra’s: Fresh Smoked Tuna Dip made by Finns Island Style Grub includes Tortilla Chips. 6 oz. Market price (7-9$) 12 oz. Market price (13-18$)

*Based on availability and market priced, this is fresh tuna not canned and made in limited quantities call for availability.


Step 1

For Menu Selections: Pick your subs with “fixins”, pick sodas, chips*. We will grab any extras or shopping request from grocery store for an added cost. (10$ minimum and extra shopping rates apply)

For Family Style: Decide on a 6 pack or 12 pack and all of your options.

Step 2

Place your order 24 hours (Phone) or 48 hours (Online), prior to reservation time on pontoon, fishing charter, and shuttle or dive boat.

*Alert us to any food allergies or children with special needs who have strict diets.

Order by Phone: At Least 24 Hours Before your Sea Day
(850) 704-5182 (Mon – Sun, 8AM to 6PM)

Order by Online Request: At Least 48 Hours Before your Sea Day
Tell us about what you would like to order using the form below and we will reach out to you to confirm and process payment (Cash, Credit Card).

Refund policy: We will refund all orders placed and canceled within 24 hours of your delivery date. If it is a rainy day or wash out we can reschedule to meet up with your newly assigned boat day you must call in the AM to reschedule otherwise we will be at the dock with your order. If you do not show for your boat day and do not call you will be charged the full amount of your meal, we know there will be special circumstances and we will make case by case exceptions (Those will be based on each individual circumstance). We reserve to the right to refuse any and all refunds with customers who exhibit less than cool attitudes, no more crazies needed here we are all full, so please alert us to your changes ASAP to allow us to plan for alternatives. We try to satisfy all of your needs but we do not like making waste so your meal will go to a local food bank in the event you are charged and do not show or call, integrity and community matter to us and more than anything your satisfaction please call with any questions pertaining to the above statement.

Disclaimer: We are a standalone business and in no way related to or affiliated with Lagoon Pontoon ownership. Any concerns or questions must be handled through our management.(all other charters are also separate from our service and catering) please email: LongboardSubsPCB@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.